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We all yearn for deeper peace, happiness and more success in our lives. The presence of things we don’t want or the absence of things that we do want is not the barrier to happiness.
We forget that the greatest measure of human achievement is not our accomplishments but it is the obstacles that most people overcome in the process, and also, the person that we become as we face these obstacles. Without this inner process of growth and deepening strength, the accomplishments are empty.
As you face the day, when obstacles or challenges appear, instead of asking yourself: why me…why now? – consider what you can learn, rather than despair over these challenges. Focus on how it can inspire better choices and stronger actions. It is not the problem itself, but rather the belief that these obstacles place a solid wall in our path. And, the presence or belief of such obstacles means you are not meant to be happy, successful or peaceful. 
The challenges you face are as powerful as you allow them to be. They have the ability to make you miserable or determined. They can diminish your power or awaken it. They can hold you back or propel you to greater levels of achievement. It all depends on how you choose to see these challenges or obstacles.